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My Cats Know Morse Code and Other Observations is a collection of poetic reflections on living in a home with cats with attitude, opinion and perhaps devious double lives.

Karen Amanda Toulon's wildly entertaining prose and Eric Rhinehart's exquisite illustrations will entice and envelop readers in the beguiling and mysterious world inhabited by cats and the humans who live with them.

My cats Know_endpaper_LHP_230730.jpg
My Cats Know Morse Code Illustration

Azure eyes.

Always in my heart.

Angel on my shoulder.

Assassin in my bed.

My Cats Know Morse Code Illustration

I stroke you and my mind wanders.


One, seal patterned.
The other, a creamy white with a whiff of lavender
in the sun.

Perhaps a muff,

a cuff.

My Cats Know Morse Code Illustration

Command performances nightly.

Wednesday matinees.
My home is your stage.

Power plays,
playing out in a dangerous pas de deux
and impassioned monologues.

One of you clearly in the lead
until in a midair pirouette,
roles are reversed.

My Cats Know Morse Code Illustration

Late night zoomies.

Rampaging through downstairs
before whizzing to pillage upstairs.

Exhausted, we end the day where it began.

And now my heart zooms.

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